Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences

Programme Description

Biomedical scientists bridge the gap between the basic sciences and medicine, conduct research in order to comprehend human disease and find ways to improve human health. Graduates interested in conducting independent research and gaining laboratory experience might benefit from our PhD programme. Students in the programme are supervised individually by an academic staff at a professoriate rank to carry out a research project for a research dissertation. Our PhD programme is designed to educate learners who aspire to pursue careers as research scientists, scholars, or academic careers in biological and biomedical science.

Research Directions


Normative Study Period

4 Years


Details for the 2023/2024 Admission Details
SuperivsorResearch Topic
Prof. Chuxia DENGOncogenes and tumor suppressor genes
Stem cells, Cancer metastasis and Drug development
Prof. Wei GEGenetic analysis of growth and reproduction in the zebrafish model
Impacts of environmental endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) on reproduction and public health
Zebrafish as a model for aging, human diseases and drug discovery
Prof. Han-Ming SHENAutophagy: Regulatory mechanisms and biological functions in cancer
Mitophagy: Novel regulatory mechanisms
Cancer metabolism: Targeting glucose metabolism in lung cancer
Prof. Ren-He XUMesenchymal stem cells: the development, heterogeneity, and functions
Mesenchymal stem cells: role in the tumor microenvironment
Mesenchymal stem cells: therapeutic applications
Prof. Edwin CHEUNGMechanism of gene regulation in cancer
Single cell analysis
Prof. Elaine Lai Han LEUNGApplication of culturomic to investigate the anti-cancer treatment mechanism of TCM
Investigation of cancer drug resistance mechanism and response predictive markers
Role of gut microbiota in immunomodulation
Prof. Garry WONGBioinformatics and Computational Biology of Aging related neurodegenerative diseases
Prof. Guokai CHENMetabolic regulation in stem cell maintenance and differentiation
Novel mechanisms involved in cardiomyocyte differentiation and maturation
Skin cell differentiation for regenerative medicine
Endoderm differentiation for disease model
Prof. Kathy Qian LUOCirculating tumor cells and cancer metastasis
Drug resistant and anti-cancer drug discovery
Prof. San Ming WANGStudy cancer genetics using genomics, bioinformatics and medical genetics approaches
Prof. Wenhua ZHENGFoxo and neuronal differentiation or new drugs development like artemisinin and metformin
Drug development
Neurodegenerative diseases
The effect of Chinese medicine on tumor growth/metastasis and their underlying mechanisms 
Prof. Yutao XIANGPsychiatric epidemiology
Health services research in psychiatry
Evidence-based medicine in psychiatry
COVID-19 related studies in psychiatry
Cognition and psychiatric disorders
Prof. Zhen YUANNeuroscience and neuroimaging
Biomedical Optics
Optical Molecular Imaging and Cancer Nanomedicine
Prof. Chris Koon Ho WONGTranscription regulation of fungal metabolism and infection
Identification of novel fungal secondary metabolites with anti-cancer and antibiotic properties
Understanding the regulation of fungal spore dormancy and germination
Prof. Gang LICancer epigenetics: from mechanism to therapy
Signal transduction pathways in Epigenetics
Prof. Hang Fai (Henry) KWOKAntibody / Venom-based peptide targeted therapy for anti-cancer prototype drug discovery & development (Novel multi-specific antibody platforms for immunotherapy; Novel protein expression system for large scale production of hard-to-express venom-based protein drugs)
Biomarkers identification and validation based on the hallmarks of cancer
Tackling cancer metastasis and drug resistance: from mechanism to therapy (Glyco-engineering to
improve antibody quality attibutes for cancer therapy)
Prof. Hongjie ZHANGDeciphering the mRNP code in epithelial morphogenesis
Post-translational modification in tubular organ formation
Sphingosine 1-phosphate signaling in lumenal membrane integrity
Prof. Joong Sup SHIMExploiting synthetic lethality for cancer target discovery
Prof. Kin Yip TAMDevelopment of small molecule inhibitors targeting cancer metabolism or Alzheimer’s disease
Combined use of metabolic inhibitors in lung cancer models
Prof. Leo Tsz On LEEExplore the role of GPCR biased signalling in cancers
Proteomic and metabolic analyses of EPAC signaling in cancer cells
Prof. Lijun DIMechanims study of cancer metabolism and microenvironment
Molecular mechanism of cancer development and metastasis
Investigating the molecular mechanisms and identifying the potential therapeutic targets of metabolic diseases (obestiy, diabetes etc.)
Prof. Peng WANGSystems biology of cancer
Algorithms for bio-medical big data
Prof. Qi ZHAONanomedicine and target drug delivery
Antibody-based therapeutics against tumors
Prof. Ruiyu XIEDevelop a transplantable platform for stem-cell-based diabetic therapy
Molecular switches in endodermal lineage specification
Epigenetic regulation shaping tumor immune microenvironment in pancreas
Prof. Terence C.W. POONProteomics/Protein/Biomarker-based research in precision medicine
Bioinformatics-based research in precision medicine
Prof. Tzu-Ming LIUIn vivo microscopy and spectroscopy of tumor microenvironment
Develop serum fluoroscope for the diagnosis of organ function
Prof. Vivien Ya-Fan WANGMechanism of gene regulation by NFkappaB and co-factors
Prof. William Chong Hang CHAOStructure and Function of Epigenetic Regulators
Prof. Xiaoling XUBRCA1 associated breast cancer and cancer metastasis
Prof. Xuanjun ZHANGMolecular probes for imaging/sensing and theranostics
Development of practical chemical tools for biomedical research
Prof. Yunlu DAICancer nanomedicine
Molecular imaging
Drug delivery
Prof. Chen MINGMulti-omics integration of neurodegenerative diseases
Demographic inference and detection of positive selection
Prof. Kai MIAODrivers and markers for tumor metastasis
Gene therapy for cancer
Applications of single cell related technology in cancer research
Prof. Ningyi SHAOStudy of lncRNA regulation in gender-biased diseases
Integrated multi-omics analysis of tumor microevolution at the single cell level
Prof. Qiang CHENMolecular mechanisms of cancer development
Regulation of metabolic homeostasis
Mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer
Prof. Robert David SMITHMental health research
Analysis of large clinical datasets for applied health sciences
Health inequalities research
Prof. Wa Kam CHANGHow cells polarize during cell migration, with a focus on the cytoskeleton and nuclear envelope proteins
How aging affects cell polarization and how cell polarization contributes to aging defects
Deciphering the acting mechanism of aging factors on the cellular and whole genome levels


Academic advisors: Prof. Chuxia DENG, Chair of Graduate Studies Committee


Prof. Guokai CHEN, Associate Dean (Teaching)


Administrative support


Mr. David REN


Administrative support

(Programme Operation)

Ms. Stephanie NG