Prof. DengThe launch of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) in 2013 signifies a new phase of the University.

With an aim of developing to a faculty with 60 or even 100 faculty members in the next 5 years, FHS strives to become a first-class centre for biomedical research and education with magnificent productivity and outstanding teaching quality.

The research of FHS will focus on five major themes: (i) cancer, (ii) reproduction, development and aging, (iii) molecular medicine, (iv) neurodegenerative diseases, and (v) immunology and infectious diseases. These areas are all related to public health, but have rarely been explored in local research community. To support these research activities, FHS is establishing a state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes ten Core facilities (Animal facility, Bioimaging, Bioinformatics, Drug discovery, Histopathology, Metabolomics, Single cell and gene expression, Proteomics, iPSC, and Transgenic and knockout).

As a fundamental academic faculty in a world-class university, teaching with outstanding quality is essential.  With its mission of training the next generation of scientists and professionals for both Macau and the region, FHS has designed unique curricula at both graduate and undergraduate levels to facilitate the establishment of a regional education hub with international reputation in biomedical sciences.

The establishment of FHS and its success will have far-reaching impacts on and beyond the University of Macau. With hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students trained, this critical mass will be a driving force for business and industrial initiatives in the fields of health sciences, which will help diverse the economy and reshape the structure and value of the societies in Macau and the Pearl River Delta. FHS will also reach out to local research communities to cultivate a research culture, and to promote public awareness of health science.

This is an unprecedented opportunity. With strong supports from the University, the Government of Macau, and the Central Government, I am confident that this young faculty will become one of the glowing stars in the region.

Chuxia Deng, PhD
Dean and Chair Professor