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Our Core provides members of the faculty and other interested users with the capability of performing global gene expression profiling using state-of-the art technologies such as high-density microarray system.


  • To provide gene expression analysis for mRNA, miRNA, and other RNAs with DASL
  • To provide bioinformatics support on the analysis and interpretation of the gene expression data

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Core Director :Prof. Chong Wing CHEUNG, Edwin (see profile)
Contact no. :(853) 8822 4992
Email :Echeung@um.edu.mo


Core Staff :Mr. Io Ieong CHAN
Contact no. :(853) 8822 2933
Email :ioieongchan@um.edu.mo

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Prof. Chong Wing CHEUNG, EdwinSingle Cell and Gene Expression Analysis Core1
Single Cell and Gene Expression Analysis Core 22
Harbinger’s StarGazer-2 Protein Stability Analysis SystemHarbinger3
Illumina BeadArray platform for microarray analysisIllumina(FHS_list6_Cheung_03a)Illumina Universal Starter Kit
Illumina iScan Microarray ScannerIllumina 5
Illumina MiSeq Gene and Small Genome SequencerIllumina6
Agilent BioanalyzerAgilentAgilent Bioanalyzer
Fluidigm BioMark HD SystemFluidigm8
Fluidigm C1 Single Cell Auto Prep SystemFluidigm9