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To deliver value to our scientists and our community as a full range of histopathology facility by providing scientific and technical support/service in variety of histological techniques, immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridisation (ISH), laser capture microdissection as well as automatic slide digitisation to meet the critical needs of biomedical/clinical researchers in health sciences academia and industries.


  • To provide a variety of histological, IHC and ISH techniques, applications, and expertise as needed by the academic and industries investigators to complement their research work
  • To foster critical collaborations in histopathology
  • To educate undergraduate/postgraduate researchers in the field of histology and IHC


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Core Director :Dr. Hang Fai KWOK, Henry (see profile)
Contact no. :(853) 8822 4991
Email :HFKwok@um.edu.mo


Core Staff:Dr. Shun Ming YUEN
Contact no. :(853) 8822 4218 / 8822 4219
Email :smyuen@um.edu.mo


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Dr. Hang Fai KWOK, HenryLeica RM2235 – Manual Rotary Microtome Basic InstrumentLeica(list-1a.15)Leica RM2235 - Manual Rotary Microtome Basic Instrument
Leica CM3050 S CryostatLeica(list-1a-16)Leica CM3050 S Cryostat
Leica ASP200S Automatic Vacuum Tissue Processor + Leica EG1150 Embedding CentreLeica(list-1a.17)Leica ASP200S Automatic Vacuum Tissue Processor
Leica SCN400F Whole Slide ScannerLeica(FHS_list6_Kwok_24)Leica SCN400F Whole Slide Scanner
Zeiss PALM Laser Capture Microdissection and Imaging SystemZeiss(By_ICMS)Zeiss PALM Laser Capture Microdissection and Imaging System
Leica Fluorescent Stereo MicroscopeLeica(FHS_list6_Kwok_28)Leica Fluorescent Stereo Microscope
Zeiss Axio Imager 2ZeissAxio Imager 2 Research Microscopes from Carl Zeiss/Axio Imager 2 von Carl Zeiss