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The Metabolomics Core is one of the core facilities in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The core provides analytical and phenotypical measures to the scientific community both inside and potentially outside the Faculty of Health Sciences. Our goal is to expand the scope of the techniques available to investigators, standardize key methodologies, and expedite the completion of research on metabolic disorders-related diseases (diabetes and obesity), cancer, aging neurological disorders, etc. The Metabolomics Core is an analytical facility. We support research in the study of protein, glucose and fat metabolism, as well as the study of energy expenditure. The core’s range of assays also includes qualitative and quantitative profiling of metabolites (metabolomics measurements).


  • To determine in vivo metabolic rate in freely moving organisms
  • To offer measurement of metabolic profiles, both in terms of metabolite identification and quantification
  • To provide high throughput characterization of small molecules extracted from tissues, tissue culture, and biofluids
  • To measure calorimetry, activity, and food/water consumption with metabolic chambers
  • To perform body composition analysis (MRI or micro-CT)
  • To study cellular metabolism with Seahorse XF-24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer

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Core Director :Dr. Li WANG (see profile)
Contact no. :(853) 8822 4498
Email :LiWang@um.edu.mo


Core Staff:Ms. Man DOU
Contact no. :(853) 8822 4291
Email :ManDou@um.edu.mo

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Dr. Li WANGBioprofile Flex analyzer BP-Flexnova biomedical1
Seahorse XFe24 extracellular flux analyzerSeahorse Bioscience2
MAGPIX System with Milliplex AnalystMillipore-luminexMAGPIX
NMR Body composition analyzerEcho medical Systems NMR
Oxymax Lab Animal Monitoring System: CLAMSColumbus Instruments5