• Enhance efficiency of transgenic and knockout technologies;
  • Development of new technologies for genome editing;
  • Provide users with high quality service to advance their scientific research by using cutting-edge genomic editing technologies


We offer the following services to facilitate the scientific research:

  • Transgenic mice via pronuclear injection;
  • Genome editing using Knockout and knockin approaches using conventional gene targeting and/or CRISPR technologies;
  • Cryo-bank (eggs and sperms);
  • In vitro fertilization

Core Director: Prof. Xiaoling XU (see profile)
Contact no.: (853) 8822 4925


Core Member: Ms. Xin ZHANG
Contact no.: (853) 8822 2911

Equipment Brand Photo
Prof. Xiaoling XU TransferManR 4r Eppendorf 1
Femtojet express 4i Eppendorf 2
Microinjector-IM9B Narishige 3
Puller-P10 Narishige 4
Pipette grinder with microscope-EG400 Narishige 5
Microforge-MF900 Narishige 6
Laser-Based Micropipette Puller-p2000 Sutter 7
Electroporation System-ECM-2001 BTX Instrument 8
Piezo impact Micro Manipulator system-PMM-4G Sutter-Prime Tech 9
Inverted microscope with micromanipulator-Ti-SR Nikon
Stereomicroscope System-SZ61-SET Olympus 11
Dual fibre cold light lamp Olympus 12
Nikon SMZ1270 with universal stand G-US2 Magnification SMZ1270 13
Forma-series II 3110 water-jackted co2 incubators Thermo  14
1300Series A2 Class II, Type A2 Bio Safety Cabinets Thermo 15
Thermal Transfer Printer-IP300 Brady  16
Lab Tech-EG20B Hot plate LabTech 17
Lab Tech-EH20B Hot plate LabTech 18
Stereomicroscope-SMZ745 Nikon  19
Vortex 1 IKA 20
Dry block heater 2 IKA  21
Microscope Axio Observer A1 ZEISS 22