Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM) emphasizes on combining knowledge in biomedical sciences to develop better therapeutics and diagnostic approaches. ITM integrates the research outputs from the Faculty including those from the two research centres with other latest research findings to facilitate the technology transfer and development.


To become a leading research unit and education centre in Macau and regionally that focuses on translational research.

  • To accelerate the transformation of the science and technology into cost-effective disease cures and live savers through integrating multi-disciplinary knowledge;
  • To take a lead in steering scientific research towards inventions;
  • To provide an efficient platform for the academia to reach out to industry and community partners for collaborations;
  • To offer expert advice to researchers at every stage;
  • To provide critical support for clinical research;
  • To provide training to research personnel of the next generation.

The main activities of ITM are research and teaching. ITM will serve to provide a solid base for various research activities on translational research. Specific activities are as follows:

  • To promote collaboration with local hospitals and other medical units for personalized precision medicines and other biomedical projects;
  • To foster research collaboration across the Faculty;
  • To support research activities from other internal and external units;
  • To coordinate with other units in the Faculty and other units in the medical sector to actively engage in teaching and training of our students and other personnel who work in the area of health science;
  • To organize academic activities such as seminar and journal clubs.