Contact information
Address(Office)E12-3032Ieng Lam LEI
Phone(Office)8822 4934
Fax8822 2314
Ph.D.University of Hong Kong 2011
B.S.Peking University 2006
2016-presentLecturer (Macao Fellow), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau
2013-2016Research fellow, University of Michigan
2012-2013Research fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital
Research Interests
  • Roles of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes during cardiac development
  • Interaction of epigenetic regulation and developmental signals during ESC differentiation
Representative Publications
  1. Q Liu, S Tian, C Zhao, X Chen, I Lei, Z Wang, PX Ma.  Porous nanofibrous poly (l-lactic acid) scaffolds supporting cardiovascular progenitor cells for cardiac tissue engineering Acta biomaterialia, 2015
  2. I Lei, J West, Z Yan, X Gao, P Fang, JH Dennis, L Gnatovskiy, W Wang, R Kingston, Z Wang. BAF250a Protein Regulates Nucleosome Occupancy and Histone Modifications in Priming Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290 (31), 19343-19352, 2015
  3. Lei, I., Bu, L., & Wang, Z. Derivation of cardiac progenitor cells from embryonic stem cells. J Vis Exp. 2015
  4. S Takebayashi, I Lei, T Ryba, T Sasaki, V Dileep, D Battaglia, X Gao, P Fang, Y Fan, M Esteban, J Tang, GR Crabtree, Z Wang and DM Gilbert. Murine esBAF chromatin remodeling complex subunits BAF250a and Brg1 are necessary to maintain and reprogram pluripotency-specific replication timing of select replication domains. Epigenetics & chromatin 6 (1), 42,2013
  5. I Lei, X Gao, MH Sham, Z Wang. SWI/SNF protein component BAF250a regulates cardiac progenitor cell differentiation by modulating chromatin accessibility during second heart field development. Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (29), 24255-24262, 2012