The Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp 2019, organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) and sponsored by the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) of Macao SAR, was successfully held between 10 and 19 of July with the theme of “Biological Detectives”. A total of 60 high school students from 30 local secondary schools joined this summer camp and became “Biological Detectives”. Their tasks were to investigate cases by conducting the experiments to dig out the answers in scientific ways.

In the opening ceremony, Prof. Chuxia DENG and Prof. Renhe XU, Dean and Associate Dean (Research) of Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) respectively warmly welcomed the participants. They encouraged the students to immerse themselves into the activities of the summer camp in hope to learn new knowledge and foster their interests in biomedical sciences. Prof. Terence POON, Associate Professor of FHS, also introduced the students the fundamental concepts, the applications and the new technologies of biomedical sciences.

Two sessions of the 3-day summer camp featured splendid activities, in conjunction with lectures of theories, hands-on experiments and interactive activities. Under the supervision of the faculty mentors and students, the participants attended the thematic lectures and also participated in different workshops related to biochemistry, bioinformatics, cell and molecular biology, genetics and microbiology, in which they had ample chances to conduct experiments and operate some state-of-the-art equipment. The faculty mentors coached the students for experiment observation and analysis with in-depth discussions. They had a lot of fun particularly in the workshop “Pipettman Usage Accuracy”. During the camp, the students stayed on campus at the residential college or the hostel, which provided an excellent opportunity for experiencing a university life.

The students indicated that the summer camp not only allowed them to experience the campus living of a university student but also enriched their knowledge by involving in the interesting experiments and operating the state-of-the-art equipment.  The summer camp enabled the students to explore their research interest and receive diverse exposures, both of which broadened their horizons in pursuing their future studies in related research fields.




兩場分別各為期三天的夏令營內容豐富,活動結合課程、實驗及交流活動。除了設有多場專題演講,學員亦參與了不同的工作坊,在大學的導師及學生指導下,學員體驗操作了各種先進的科研儀器,進行不同的實驗。實驗完成後,由導師們帶領學員觀察、分析及討論各項實驗的結果。實驗活動共設五大範疇: 「生物研究技術入門」、「細胞及分子生物學」、「生物遺傳學」、「微生物學」及「生物訊息學」。其中細胞及分子生物學工作坊深受學生歡迎。學生利用基因轉染技術使特定癌細胞發出螢光,是各學員首次嘗試培養及處理人類癌細胞。此外,學員們亦被安排入住大學宿舍,與大學的導師及學生共同生活,真切感受大學校園的生活及學習環境。


The Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp was successfully held 生物醫藥學夏令營順利舉行

Prof. Renhe XU welcomed the participants 徐仁和歡迎夏令營學員

Students do the hands-on experiments 學生親手做實驗

Students and faculty mentors with in-depth discussions 學生與學院導師深入討論

Group photo 大合照