Talk title The ecology and evolution of cancer: The ultra-microevolutionary process
Speaker Prof. Chung-I WU
Professor and Former Chair, Ecology/Evolution, University of Chicago
Director Emeritus, Beijing Institute of Genomics
ChangJian Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University
Fellow, Academia Sinica
Date & Time 05 October 2018 (Friday) 10:30-11:30
Venue Room G004, E12 Building (University of Macau)
Abstract Species formation and natural selection are the main research directions of Prof. Chung-I WU in the molecular evolution work. Prof. WU studies molecular evolution, population genetics, evolutionary genomics, and cancer genomics. He has made outstanding contributions in the formation of genes, the genetic basis of natural selection, and the theory of cancer evolutionary selection. He brought the study of the origin of species to the DNA level to observe the role of natural selection, and brought the study of natural selection to the genome-wide level, affirming the widespread existence of natural selection. Since 2006, Prof. WU has used microRNA genes to explore the micro-evolutionary mechanism of species origin. Since 2008, Prof. WU pioneered the use of evolution to study the formation, development and metastasis of cancer. In his speech, Prof. WU will systematically explain his concept of cancer evolution and his latest research results in this field.