Talk title FnCpf1 based genome editing in human cells: it is possible!
Speaker Prof. Feng GU
Principal Investigator, Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University
Date & Time 4 May 2018 (Friday) 10:00-11:00
Venue Room G021, E12 Building (University of Macau)
Abstract Cpf1 has been used as genome editing tool for manipulating genomes in various species because of its simplicity, and high efficiency. Our recent study has demonstrated that FnCpf1 can be used for human genome editing with notable advantages for the target sequence selection due to the flexible PAM. Multiplex genome editing provides a powerful tool for targeting members of multigene families, dissecting gene networks, modeling multigenic disorders in vivo and gene therapy. We utilized a single customized crRNA array to target multiplex genes in human cells, simultaneously. We also demonstrated with this strategy that single customized crRNA array to target multiplex sites in one gene could be achieved. Furthermore, I will present our recent results on optimization of FnCpf1-mediated genome editing in human cells by engineering the coding sequence and direct repeat sequences. Collectively, next-generation FnCpf1 could be harnessed as a powerful tool for manipulation of human genome.