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Home-Center-BannerA delegation from the University of Toronto’s (UToronto) Faculty of Medicine, led by its representative Dr Marcus Law, visited the University of Macau (UM). The delegation was warmly received by Prof Chuxia Deng, dean of UM’s Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS); Prof Ge Wei, associate dean of the faculty; and Prof Chen Guokai, assistant dean of the faculty. Both parties exchanged ideas on how to nurture medical professionals to prepare for the ‘4+X’ programme to be jointly launched by UM and UToronto. Dr Law says that UM’s biomedical sciences programme places a great emphasis on learning outcomes, which happens to agree with the educational philosophy of UToronto.

The delegation visited the classrooms and advanced lab equipment in the FHS. Prof Chen Guokai told the guests about the FHS’s research areas and long-term goals. He also explained how his research team use state-of-the-art facilities to increase their capacity in cancer research and to promote health and medical care in Macao. Dr Law praised UM for its research achievements in recent years, adding that the fact that UM’s biomedical sciences programme places a great emphasis on learning outcomes will help to increase collaboration between the two universities in nurturing medical professionals.

Later, Dr Law attended a seminar organised by the FHS to explain the programmes launched by UToronto’s Faculty of Medicine. The seminar attracted many UM students who want to learn more about the opportunities to study there. Earlier, UM and UToronto signed an agreement that allows UM students who meet certain criteria for academic performance to be directly admitted to UToronto’s Faculty of Medicine. Prof Deng Chuxia believes that studying at UToronto’s Faculty of Medicine will greatly benefit UM students.

UToronto is one of the best universities in the world. Its Faculty of Medicine is ranked among the top medical schools in the world, with the latest rankings placing it at No 12. Because of its high quality, the Medical Doctor (MD) Programme at UToronto is very popular with students from around the world and admissions to the programme are extremely competitive. Starting from 2018, UM students who have completed their undergraduate studies at UM will have the chance to become a medical doctor by enrolling in the MD Programme at UToronto.

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