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Talk title  Endosome-associated Actin Dynamics during Endocytic Recycling
Speaker Prof. Anbing SHI
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Date & Time 08 Nov 2019 (Fri)
Venue Room G002, N22 Building (University of Macau)
Abstract Cargo sorting and membrane carrier initiation in recycling endosomes require appropriately coordinated actin dynamics. However, the mechanism underlying the regulation of actin organization during recycling transport remains elusive. Here we report that the loss of PTRN-1 stalled actin exchange and diminished the cytosolic actin structures. Furthermore, we found that PTRN-1 is required for the recycling of clathrin-independent cargo hTAC-GFP. The N-terminal calponin homology (CH) domain and central coiled-coils (CC) region of PTRN-1 can synergistically sustain the flow of hTAC-GFP. We identified CYK-1/formin as a binding partner of PTRN-1. The N-terminal GTPase binding domain (GBD) of CYK-1 serves as the binding interface for the PTRN-1 CH domain. The presence of the PTRN-1 CH domain promoted CYK-1-mediated actin polymerization, which suggests that the PTRN-1-CH:CYK-1-GBD interaction efficiently relieves autoinhibitory interactions within CYK-1. As expected, the overexpression of the CYK-1 formin homology domain 2 (FH2) substantially restored actin structures and partially suppressed the hTAC-GFP overaccumulation phenotype in ptrn-1 mutants. We conclude that the PTRN-1 CH domain is required to stimulate CYK-1 to facilitate actin dynamics during endocytic recycling.