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Talk title   Epigenomic Identification of Critical Cancer Genes
Speaker Prof. Baoqing SUN
Date & Time 18 July 2019 (Thu)
Venue Room G002, N22 Building (University of Macau)
Abstract The national clinical research center for respiratory disease in first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University was established in August 2013. The clinical center was aimed at “serving for people” and “double transformation, double promotion”, focusing on the major needs for prevention and control of respiratory disease, establishing a sharing mechanism, implementing operational management, and gradually establishing and improving the center-sub-center(42 households) – network unit (724) three-level innovative collaborative network architecture. This lecture will give an introduction on the development of the center over the past five years which Includes the construction of basic platforms, construction of large-scale and information-based respiratory disease biological sample resources, multi-center collaborative researches, major achievements, and promotion of grassroots technologies. One of the important platforms of the center is the study on allergic diseases. Allergic diseases have become one of the most common global diseases in the 21st century. 22% of people suffer from allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, skin allergies, food allergies, etc.. The diseases affect the life quality and even threaten lives. The lecture may help students and researchers understand allergic diseases in diagnosis and treatment, stimulate their research interest and then contribute to allergy cause.