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Talk title  Understanding the Regulatory Potential of Minor Spliceosome
Speaker Prof. Mikko FRILANDER
Research Director
Date & Time  7  May 2019 (Tue)
Venue Room G004, E12 Building (University of Macau)
Abstract The laboratory of Mikko Frilander investigates minor spliceosome, which is an essential nuclear machinery that is required for co-transcriptional removal of highly conserved intron sequences. Humans contain approximately 700 genes that harbor typically a single minor intron. The splicing of minor introns is less efficient than standard (“major”) introns and therefore the splicing of minor introns creates a rate-limiting bottleneck for mRNA maturation. The main processes affected of this regulatory pathway are cellular growth/differentiation, general mammalian gene expression pathway and many cytoskeletal functions. The main aim of the Frilander laboratory is to investigate the mechanism and regulation of the minor spliceosome activity and to understand the mechanistic details and gene expression consequences of human diseases caused by dysfunction of minor spliceosome.