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Talk title  Can We Create a Variety of Coordination Compounds from a Single Kind of Amino Acid?
Speaker Prof. Takumi KONNO
Date & Time 28 March 2019 (Thu)
Venue Room G004, E12 Building (University of Macau)
Abstract Design and creation of supramolecular coordination compounds that contain more than one kind of metal ions have attracted considerable attention in the fields of coordination chemistry and supramolecular chemistry. This class of compounds can be obtained via one-step self-assembly of well-designed organic ligands in combination with a mixture of metal ions, which often results in the formation of undesired products. To overcome this issue, we have focused on a metalloligand approach, in which a pre-designed metal complex with several donor sites is stepwise treated with different kinds of metal ions. Previously, we have reported that [Au(d-pen-S)2]3‒ (H2pen = penicillamine) acts as a multidentate metalloligand to produce a variety of heterometallic coordination compounds. This monogold(I) metalloligand system has now been extended to digold(I) and trigold(I) systems by introducing a digold(I)/trigold(I) linker with diphosphine/triphosphine ligands. In this seminar, the fascinating coordination behavior of these metalloligands, which leads to the construction of unique metallosupramolecular architectures, will be described.