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The Division of Life Science of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) visited the University of Macau and attended the “Forum on Establishment of Biomedical Programmes at Universities” on the new campus on 12 May.

The Forum was organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences and aimed at sharing views on how to establish study programmes in biomedical areas at university level. The delegation of HKUST composed of 39 professors and lecturers along with two administrative staff was warmly received by Professor Ge Wei, the Interim Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and all academic staff in the Faculty. In the Forum, it was our great honor to have the Rector, Professor Zhao Wei, with his opening speech as an official kick-off. Professor Karl Herrup, the Head of the Division of Life Science of HKUST, then presented the developments of their Division in the past two decades, followed by Professor Ge with our current status and ongoing plans for establishing the very first biomedical programme in Macau and the western region of Pearl River Delta. Participants further exchanged thoughts in smaller discussion groups. They all soaked in a harmonious and delightful atmosphere.

The Forum ended with a visit on the new campus and the Open Research Building.

(From left) HKUST’s Division of Life Science Prof. Karl Herrup, UM Rector Wei Zhao, UM FHS Interim Dean Prof. Ge Wei at the Forum

group photo
UM’s FHS faculty members and HKUST’s Division of Life Science’s delegation