The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of the University of Macau (UM) organized “Summer Laboratory Work Experience Programme 2019”, aiming to stimulate the secondary school students’ interest in biomedical science through conducting research experiments in the laboratories. In this programme, six students fully integrated in the research groups of the professors and pursued sophisticated research projects.

Joseph HO, one of the students admitted to this programme, indicated that he desired to gain an insight into the learning environment of a university. He has conducted research experiments to analyze the relationship between protein and bacteria under the supervision of Prof. William Chong Hang CHAO. After his participation, he came to know that the aims of experimental research is to test a hypothesis for rationally determining the underlying cause of an observed phenomenon in nature, which was different from what he did in high school that the experiments followed established scientific methods with set results. Joseph also delivered presentation on his research work in the group meeting.

Bernard NOK joined this programme for a deeper understanding of biomedical science before he can make a right choice for his upcoming graduate studies. He was grateful to the research team members of Prof. Edwin Chong Wing CHEUNG since he was coached by them to conduct hands-on experiments related to PCR and western blot and to learn how to operate start-of-the-art equipment, through which he has broadened his horizon.

Joseph and Bernard spontaneously indicated that being one of the team members to participate in the research projects not only unlocked their passion in biomedical science but also let them have a productive summer break.

The flexible timetable of “Summer Laboratory Work Experience Programme 2019” allowed the students to take part in various research experiments according to their own schedules. The areas of the research experiments are genetics, microbiology and Molecular biology, neuroscience, structural biology.

1. Bernard SOU conducts research experiments

2. Joseph HO

3. Joseph HO joins the group meeting of the research team