Vision and Mission


The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Macau aims at becoming a leading research and education institution in biomedical sciences in Macao and the Far East. With its world-class faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities, the Faculty of Health Sciences strives to advance knowledge in key areas of modern biomedical and health sciences through cutting-the-edge research, which nurtures essential workforce of high quality for both Macao and the region to face the health-related challenges from the rapidly changing world.


The Faculty of Health Sciences strives to accomplish its vision through

  • advancing health sciences by performing cutting-the-edge research in a wide range of leading biomedical areas;
  • delivering research-oriented teaching programmes of high quality at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the preparation of professionals of the next generation;
  • attracting youngsters from local and regions nearby to pursue a health science-related career;
  • establishing a network of collaborators and strategic partners for a sustainable development; and
  • enhancing public awareness of health sciences and recognizing its impact on local and international communities.

Combining the strong supports from the University, the Government of Macao and the general public of Macao, the Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to moving forward with advances that ameliorate knowledge in health sciences and ultimately benefit the well being of mankind and the society.