Public health refers to the science that improves the health of population. Public health core sciences include prevention, epidemiology, surveillance, bioinformatics, administration, and laboratory. The department mainly focuses on bioinformatics and medicinal administration. Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary area of scientific study that makes use of the computing knowledge to understand medicine and public health.  The study in bioinformatics can lead to the skills to create tools with computer science, statistics, and information technology for processing and analyzing biological data. Medicinal administration is a multidisciplinary field which applies principles and theories in medicinal sciences, management, economics, sociology, law and international business to resolve problems in medicinal sector. Graduates are well equipped with hands-on skills to handle large sets of biological data, such as those extracted from Big Data – the most popular subject in the contemporary science. Bioinformatics is an important element for the development of smart city. Graduates with these skills are most demanded in the medical sector, as well as biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.



Prof. Yutao XIANG

Title Professor
Office (Office) E12-1052 / (Lab) E12-1056
Phone (Office) +853 8822 4223 / (Lab) +853 8822 2761
Fax +853 8822 2314

Associate Head

Prof. Yuan Jia HU

Title Associate Professor
Office (Office) E12-1049
Phone (Office) +853 8822 8507
Fax +853 8822 1358