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The Pursuit of Research

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) regularly organizes the science popularization activity “The Pursuit of Research” for exposing the high school students to scientific innovations, ideas and findings, thereby improving their science literacy. The participants conduct the hands-on experiments of health sciences on their own, through which they can learn more about related scientific theories and research skills. In addition, the participants are also given a tour of the faculty’s state-of-the-art equipment, and learn how the equipment has contributed to the university’s research achievements.

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Science Talks

The professors of FHS have prepared a whole array of science talks with inspiring topics for local secondary students. The aim of these science talks is to strengthen the understanding in health sciences and foster the interest in scientific research of the students, all of which encourage the students to actively take part in scientific research for broadening their horizons.

Prof. Chuxia DENGWe live longer, but are we healthy?
-How to increase our health lifespan
English, Mandarin
Prof. Han Ming SHENStay hungry and stay healthyEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Edwin CHEUNGReading Your Genome: It’s Easy as AGTCEnglish
Prof. Kathy LUOThe impact of Programmed Cell Death to Human HealthEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Kathy LUOGreen Revolution in BiologyEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Sanming WANGCan Cancer be Inherited?English, Mandarin
Prof. Garry WONGBiology + Computing = BioinformaticsEnglish
Prof. Yutao XIANGInternet Dependence in Young People: a Health Problem or Not?English, Mandarin
Prof. Renhe XUStem Cells: the Seeds of Life, Health, and BeautyEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Douglas ZHANGDigital Medicine and its PerspectiveEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Wenhua ZHENGWhat Does It Mean to be a Scientist?English, Mandarin
Prof. William CHAOWhy Do Successful People Do Sports?English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Prof. Guokai CHENHormone and inner peaceEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Guokai CHENThe Magic to Turn Blood into HeartEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Lijun DIPast, present and future of cancer as a diseaseEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Hang Fai KWOKWhat the difference between normal cell and cancer cell? Use novel target antibody therapy to fight against cancer!English, Cantonese
Prof. Hang Fai KWOKDrug with “Monster Bite”: How nature's deadliest venoms are saving human lives?English, Cantonese
Prof. Tzu-ming LIUThe Demon Under MicroscopeEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Terence POONImpact of Biotechnology in Healthcare in the 21st CenturyEnglish, Cantonese
Prof. Joong Sup SHIMCombating Cancer with Old DrugsEnglish
Prof. Kin Yip TAMPharmaceutical Century - Ten Decades of Drug DiscoveryEnglish, Cantonese
Prof. Xiaoling XuCan Cancer be Prevented?English, Mandarin
Prof. Zhen YUANMaking Neuroscience FunEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Wakam CHANGThe Beauty of CellsEnglish, Mandarin, Cantonese
Prof. Wakam CHANGHow do cells move?English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Prof. Yunlu DAIDietary polyphenols: sources, benefits, and risksEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Leo Tsz On LEETransgenic Animals for Research: What Do They Teach Us?English, Cantonese
Prof. Leo Tsz On LEEA day in the life of hormones: how the endocrine system coordinate our body functionEnglish, Cantonese
Prof. Gang LISecrets hidden in DNAEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Gang LIEpigenetics: Reading Codes of LifeEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Ningyi SHAOiPSC-derived cells: great weapon against the diseases.English, Mandarin
Prof. Vivien WANGFrom Protein Structures to Drug DiscoveryEnglish, Mandarin, Cantonese
Prof. Koon Ho WONGDo Your Genes Determine Everything about You?English, Cantonese
Prof. Ruiyu XIEDiseases growing in petri dishes - can stem cells do it?English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Prof. Hongjie ZHANGWorm's Colourful LifeEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Xuanjun ZHANGFrontiers of Chemistry: Translating chemical synthesis from flasks to living cells for disease researchEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Qi ZHAOIntroduction of cell therapyEnglish, Mandarin
Prof. Qiang CHENInflammation: Good or Bad?English, Mandarin
Dr. Weiwei LIUDrugs - Best Friend, Worst EnemyEnglish, Mandarin
Dr. Weiwei LIUSleep for your healthEnglish, Mandarin
Dr. Jung Woo PARKMaking Blood Vessels from Stem CellsEnglish
Dr. Jung Woo PARKHow Fruitflies Find Mates?English
Dr. Kaeling TANFun with FungusEnglish, Mandarin
Dr. Li WANGThe underlying biomedical secrets in our life,Nobel Prize discoveries are around us!English, Mandarin
Dr. Li WANGExplore the skeletal Muscle and Fat tissues in our body?English, Mandarin
Dr. Chon Lok LEIModelling life: the mathematics of our beating heartEnglish
Dr. Kai MIAOTest-Tube Baby, How Much do you know?English, Mandarin
Dr. Heng SUNWhy elephants rarely get cancer?English, Mandarin

The exact date and venue of the science talk can be mutually decided. Please fill in the online application form.

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Health Sciences Summer Camp

To enhance the scientific literacy of high school student, FHS organizes the Heath Sciences Summer Camp every year. In addition to attending lectures and conducting experiments of health sciences in the laboratory, participants also have the opportunity to stay at residential colleges to experience a university life.

Please follow FHS’s accounts on social media or our websites to obtain the latest arrangement and registration of the Health Sciences Summer Camp.

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Laboratory Work Experience Programme

Under the Laboratory Work Experience Programme, the local high school students ignite a passion for health sciences by engaging in the research projects led by different research teams of FHS. The students not only experience the joy of research but also enrich their vacations through the participation in the interesting hands-on experiments in different laboratories.

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Open Day

UM organizes open day every year, and FHS prepares a series of diversified and a rich variety of interactive activities, including game booths related to biomedical sciences, workshop, lab tour, and the admission sharing etc. Meanwhile, the participants learn the latest development, academic programmes, research achievements and the teaching facilities of FHS.

Please follow UM and FHS’s accounts on social media or websites to grasp the latest updates of the UM Open Day.

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