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Animal Research Core

Operation Manager: Dr. Heng SUN


The Animal Research Core is committed to providing laboratory animals in accordance with the accredited standards and excellent animal experimental conditions for preclinical studies and other basic biomedical research studies. The core also helps establish animal models of human diseases using transgenic and gene knockout strategies that provide platform for understanding the pathogenesis of diseases, which leads to the development of new treatment technologies.


  • providing conventional strains of SPF mice (BALB/c, C57BL/6J, ICR, 129S1, FVB, CF-1, Black Swiss), immunodeficiency mice (Nude, NOD SCID, SCID-Begie, Rag-1,), rats (SD, Wistar) and zebrafish;
  • providing good conditions for animal experiments;
  • providing mice transgenic or knockout, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, sperm cryopreservation in vitro fertilization and other technical services; and
  • providing technical guidance and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the basic operation of animal experiments.

Research Team

Name Position Office Phone Email
Prof. Ruiyu XIEAdvisory Committee ChairE12-3012+853 8822
Prof. Wenhua ZHENGAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3057+853 8822
Prof. Xiaoling XUAdvisory Committee MemberE12-4012+853 8822
Prof. Lijun DIAdvisory Committee MemberE12-4009+853 8822
Prof. Qi ZHAOAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3022+853 8822
Dr. Heng SUNResearch Assistant Professor (Lab Representative)N22-3067, 4031+853 8822
Avery, Iok Lin TAMLaboratory TechnicianN22-3064+853 8822
Phoenix, Un Ian LEILaboratory TechnicianN22-3044+853 8822
Shaowen WANGResearch AssistantN22-3064+853 8822
Xiaotong TANResearch AssistantN22-3064+853 8822
Sam, Zhenyu LIResearch AssistantN22-3067+853 8822