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Biological Imaging and Stem Cell Core

Operation Manager: Dr. Weiwei LIU


The Biological Imaging & Stem Cell Core provides a multi-disciplinary platform that offers scientific and technical support in the areas of biological imaging, histopathology, and stem cell biology. The core aims to promote the study of disease mechanisms, understand relevant physiological and pathological information, speed up the study on cancer and other diseases, and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


  • providing state-of-the-art imaging services of small animals and human;
  • developing and validate novel multimodal imaging techniques for biological systems and materials;
  • providing a variety of techniques and professional advice in histology, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization;
  • providing consultation, technical services and training in human pluripotent stem cell technology;
  • providing cell culture quality control, cell banking and cell lines; and
  • collaborating with investigators to validate new technologies and establish unique procedures for specific projects in relevant areas.

Research Team

Name Position Office Phone Email
Prof. Zhen YUANAdvisory Committee MemberE12-1047+853 8822
Prof. Tzu-Ming LIUAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3024+853 8822
Prof. Hongjie ZHANGAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3008+853 8822
Prof. Yunlu DAIAdvisory Committee MemberE12-1042+853 8822
Prof. Wakam CHANGAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3016+853 8822
Prof. Henry Hang Fai KWOKAdvisory Committee ChairE12-4006+853 8822
Dr. Weiwei LIUSenior Instructor (Lab Representative)E12-3025+853 8822
Louisa, Pou Chu PUNLaboratory TechnicianN22-3044+853 8822