Biomedical science is an interdisciplinary subject that combines both the areas of life science and medicine. Through this undergraduate programme, students can explore the essence of human beings, learn about biological and chemical systems of human body and apply this interdisciplinary knowledge to medical issues that are related to health and diseases. Graduates are well equipped with a strong foundation for a career in health professions, and many graduates choose to pursue further studies in professional schools or continue their post-graduate study.



Prof. Hanming SHEN

Title Chair Professor
Office (Office) E12-4037
Phone (Office) +853 8822 4984 / (Lab) +853 8822 4984
Fax +853 8822 2314

Associate Head

Prof. Kathy LUO

Title Professor
Office (Office) E12-3007 /  (Lab) N22-4037
Phone (Office) +853 8822 4233 /  (Lab) +853 8822 4267
Fax +853 8822 2314