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Genomics, Bioinformatics and Single Cell Analysis Core

Operation Manager: Dr. Kaeling TAN


The Genomics, Bioinformatics & Single Cell Analysis Core is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that provides cutting-edge technologies and high-quality technical support in genomics research and bioinformatics analysis. The core offers a platform with advanced technologies such as genome sequencing, gene expression analysis, single cell isolation and gene library construction and project-specific data analysis to  understand gene functions related to diseases (e.g. cancer, infectious diseases, etc.), reproduction, and development and beyond. Through these researches, the core ultimately aims to foster the development of new and innovative methods for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


  • providing cutting-edge technologies for gene expression and genomics research such as single cell isolation, library construction and next-generation sequencing, etc.
  • providing professional bioinformatics support on the analysis and interpretation of genomics data; and
  • fostering development of innovative applications in genomics and bioinformatics.

Core Services

The GBSCC provides core service and technical support for the following:

  1. DNA quantification via Bioanalyser and Qubit
  2. ABI Sanger and Illumina NGS DNA sequencing
  3. Single cell isolation and analysis using Fluidigm C1, Chromium 10x Genomics and Dolomite Bio Nadia technology
  4. Helios Single cell cytometry (CyTOF) by Fluidigm
  5. Hyperion Imaging mass spectrometry by Fluidigm
  6. Reagents related to library preparation check out service
  7. Bioinformatics analysis (on project basis)

For more information about technology and service request, please visit the core website:

Or contact Dr. Kaeling TAN or Ms. Tiffany IU.

Research Team

Name Position Office Phone Email
Prof. Edwin Chong Wing CHEUNGAdvisory Committee ChairE12-4014+853 8822
Prof. Garry WONGAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3005+853 8822
Prof. Joong Sup SHIMAdvisory Committee MemberE12-4010+853 8822
Prof. Xiaofan DINGAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3015+853 8822
Prof. Kai MIAOAdvisory Committee MemberE12-4008+853 8822
Prof. Qiang CHENAdvisory Committee MemberE12-3032+853 8822
Dr. Kaeling TANSenior Instructor (Lab Representative)E12-4026+853 8822
Tiffany, Nga Teng IULaboratory TechnicianN22-3044+853 8822
Songlin WUResearch