Message from the Dean

The University of Macau built a new campus and relocated the whole university to Hengqin in 2014. The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), which was established in 2013, was the first faculty that moved to the new campus. With the vigorous support and joint efforts from numerous supporters, we have quickly become one of the most important regional powerhouses of advancing biomedical research and fostering outstanding personnel in biomedical sciences. We have recruited a team of excellent academic staff from prestigious universities and research institutes worldwide, which are mixed with young and bright as well as senior and experienced scholars. With the continuous dedication and passion of our members, we are thriving on various domains, especially in terms of promoting cutting-edge research, offering different undergraduate and postgraduate training, as well as bringing biomedical science to the community. Furthermore, we are successful in building a vast network of academic partnership with renowned universities and institutions that create enormous opportunities for research collaborations and academic exchanges. We have organized a series of international conferences and symposia that enhance our global influence in the area of biomedical sciences.

To look ahead, FHS has numerous plans on the agenda, and each plan upholds our vision and missions that strive for achieving the next level of scholarly excellence. FHS will continue to ameliorate our academic programmes in order to adapt to the swiftly changing manpower demand and the rapid advancements of biomedical sciences. Moreover, FHS will further fortify our regional research impact through boosting research outputs and quality, and nurturing research culture in local community for a moderately diversified and sustainable economy of Macao and the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As always, all FHS members seize every opportunity that lies ahead to strengthen our overall competiveness.

On behalf of FHS, I would like to express again my sincere gratitude to the University of Macau, the Science and Technology Development Fund, the Government of Macao, and our dedicated FHS members for their unreserved supports to FHS. I am confident that this young faculty will keep its momentum growing and flourishing.

Chuxia DENG
Dean and Chair Professor