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Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology

Programme Description

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology forms the foundational scientific basis of the physical, chemical, biological and the biomedical aspects of drug properties and actions combining a broad range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies.

The programme aims to educate and train undergraduate students to develop scientific thoughts and skills in the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, drug discovery, research and development, and social and administrative pharmacy (including pharmaceutical industry, marketing, legal, regulatory and drug information).

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Be capable of understanding, integrating, and articulating knowledge of chemical-biological-physical interactions and applying the knowledge to the discovery and development of new drugs.
  2. Be capable of understanding the technology and equipment used and developmental trend of the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Be capable of addressing knowledge gaps in pharmaceutical sciences with scientific methods from a variety of perspectives including academic, industry and regulatory.
  4. Be capable of demonstrating an understanding of the governmental regulation involved in the drug development process, and the local, national and international outlook of the pharmaceutical industry.

Programme Focus

Advanced Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology
Pharmacy Administration of Pharmaceutical Policy
Phytochemistry and Chinese Medicine
Biomedical Sciences
Basic Pharmaceutical Science
Advanced Chemistry
General Science
Computer Science


Normative Study Period

4 years


Academic advisor: Prof. Ying ZHENG, Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Email: yzheng@um.edu.mo

Administrative support: Ms. Chelsia CHAU

Email: chelsiachau@um.edu.mo

Tel:(853)8822 9136


  • The programme begins to operate from the 2022/2023 academic year after the official announcement and publication in Macao SAR Gazette.
  • The BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology programme equips students with scientific mindset and skills for pursuing a further study or career development in pharmaceutical research and development. The completion of this programme does not fulfill the professional qualification for a pharmacist in Macao, and the requirement for this profession is governed by Regulamento Administrativo n.º 23/2021.