Following the Heart, Aspiring to Be the Best Version of Yourself

Born and raised in Jiangxi, Yicheng CAI gave up the opportunity to attend top universities in mainland China and resolutely chose to pursue BSc in Bioinformatics at FHS. Over the past four years, she has consistently followed her heart, searching for her direction, strengthening her aspirations, and emerging as a confident individual on her graduation day.

Constantly Searching for Direction

Since her freshman year, Yicheng has participated in various summer research programmes annually, interacting with multiple professors and posing her own questions and doubts. Gradually, she discovered the meaning and value of research. She attributes her broadened horizons and cognitive growth to the professors’ insightful guidance. Whenever facing with academic or life challenges, she engages in active exchanges with her peers, seeking diverse inspirations. For her, listening to her heart and finding her direction is a long-term process that requires continuous communication, learning, reflection, exploration, and practice.

Maintaining a Passion for Dance

Possessing natural talent in dancing from a young age, Yicheng joined the UM dance team and served as their captain during her junior year. Despite the heavy workload of schoolwork, presentations, exams, and managing the dance team’s affairs, she persevered. She said, “Interests initially stem from a spark of curiosity and discovery, but to turn them into a steadfast force in life that brings comfort and relief, one must devote their lifetime to nurturing them.”

Time Management for an Enjoyable University Life

Yicheng is accustomed to planning her time and arranging her schedule. She reduces her entertainment time when academic and extracurricular activities become demanding. She explained, “I plan my schedule according to my own rhythm, making adjustments based on practical situations. When I achieve my plans and goals, I feel a sense of fulfillment.” For Yicheng, enjoying university life necessitates effective time management, striving to excel in everything she does, and accomplishing more within the same time frame.

Embarking on a Courageous Journey of Scientific Research

Under the influence of UM, Yicheng gradually realised that research in bioinformatics can not only help disadvantaged groups in society but also provide an opportunity to implement her ideas in the process of tackling academic challenges. Over the past four years, she has gradually found the direction that most interests and excites her. Therefore, she has determined to pursue scientific research as her lifelong career.

Yicheng is soon to embark on further studies in North America, exploring the wonders of the bioinformatics field and hoping to tackle research that has not been attempted before. Meanwhile, she will continue to dance, following her heart, and striving to be the best version of herself.

Yicheng CAI

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