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Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics

Programme Description

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary area of scientific study, that makes use of the computing knowledge to understand biology. Through this undergraduate programme, students can learn to create tools with computer science, statistics, and information technology for processing and analyzing biological data.


This programme well equips students with hands-on skills to handle large sets of biological data, such as those extracted from Big Data – the most popular subject in the contemporary science. Bioinformatics is an important element for the development of smart city. Graduates with these skills are most demanded in the medical sector, as well as biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Be capable of understanding, interpreting, integrating and explaining data obtained in the multidisciplinary area among health science, data science and computer science.
  2. Be capable of addressing common bioinformatics problems in a variety of settings including those in academia, industries, and government.
  3. Be capable of planning, managing, evaluating and initiating research projects in the multidisciplinary area among health science, data science and computer science.
  4. Be capable of designing and implementing means to solve bioinformatics problems in real world using existing and newly created tools, methods and bioinformatics techniques, and the proposed means possess the following skills:
    • Use at least one commonly used programming language (e.g. C++, JAVA, Python) to write programme codes;
    • Establish biological databases;
    • Download and analyze human genomic DNA data.

Programme Focus

Biomedical Science
Public Health
Translational Medicine
Evolutionary Biology
Pharmaceutical Science
Pharmacy Administration
Pharmaceutical Policy
Medical Genetics
Biological Science
Cell Biology of Molecular Biology
General Science
Computer Science
Programming Science
Data Structures
Database Systems
Artificial Intelligence


Normative Study Period

4 years


Academic advisor

Prof. Yutao XIANG, Head of Department of Public Health and Medicinal Administration

Email: ytxiang@um.edu.mo

Administrative support

Mr. Marco LAO

Email: marcolao@um.edu.mo

Tel:(853)8822 4130