Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of full moon, and also a day of happy reunion. The University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) members put aside the daily hustle and bustle to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Break, during which a simple cake cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the decennium of FHS. Dean Chuxia DENG brought the atmosphere of the tea break to a climax with his speech.

Dean Deng said, “The Faculty’s 10th anniversary is truly a momentous occasion for all FHS members. It is not easy to come this far on the journey to excellence as a young faculty. I take pride in our students, alumni, and colleagues who have demonstrated excellence in their work in this decade. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching, this tea break brings together all FHS members to have a short rest to alleviate our toil in work and studies and celebrate the harvest of the Faculty. Let’s enjoy this cherished occasion and look forward to an even more promising future of FHS!”

In addition to the enjoyment of the culinary delights, the students, professors, researchers and staff engaged in interactive dialogue, wishing each other happiness, a family reunion, and a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

The deans hold a cake cutting ceremony

Dean Chuxia DENG conveys his best wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival

A group photo