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A group of 26 undergraduate students from the school of Medicine, School of Pharmacy and School of public health of the Nantong University were warmly received by FHS Assistant Professor Vivien Ya-Fan WANG.

The students gained a preliminary understanding of the faculty’s teaching, scientific research and facilities equipment through watching the publicity video. Afterward, Prof. Wang introduced the latest development, teaching model, academic programmes and exchange opportunities of FHS.

After the introduction, the students toured the animal research core center, including the aquatic room and rodent laboratory. The technicians of FHS explained to the students on the facilities and services provided by the core, and also introduced the aims of the animal as the transgenic tools to establish the models of common human diseases, understand the pathology of genetic diseases and analyze the gene function in the context of disease susceptibility and find an effective treatment of diseases. In addition, the researchers who conduct animal experiments need to have rigorous thinking, judgment and analysis ability, and the operation have to strictly adhere by ethics. The students expressed the advanced equipment and large scale of the facilities of FHS, which can increase the high quality research outputs.

A group photo with Prof. Wang

Students visit the aquatic room

Students visit the rodent laboratory