I think there is a risk in doing everything. I decide to leave my current work at the University of Macau because I want to be fully involved in research. My interests in scientific research lead me to pursue further studies in the biomedical field. This is the motivation for my insistence on developing my research career. In fact, my ultimate goal is to complete a degree in medical science, become a clinician scientist, and dedicate myself to human genetic translation for the community.

Being a member of the FHS family, I love the cordial and pleasant atmosphere here. With the complete devotion and expert guidance of our professors, all my learning moments have been enjoyable, unforgettable and rewarding. I am grateful for making lifelong friends in the Faculty where we work together, laugh together and grow together. After graduating from the FHS, I entered the world-famous Yale University as a postdoctoral fellow, conducting pain and anesthesia-related research. My previous research in Ph.D. study is focused on the effects of opioid addiction on the brain, and opium is a branch of pain medication. I am very pleased that Yale University is very interested in my imaging technology. Not only does it allow me to develop my strengths, but also gives me the opportunity to apply my technology to clinical research. Thanks to the support of the University of Macau, I won an international award— “Trainee Professional Development Award” at the Annual Meeting of Society for Neuroscience. This participation has greatly expanded my horizons and won the key to entering a world-class university.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to encourage younger brothers and sisters to become brave enough to be responsible for their own projects. You must persist in the spirit of perseverance and strive to climb the peak of scientific research. The research topic should be more global, except for aiming to promote Macao’s development. It should be extended to the topic of international concern, but not be limited by your own imagination. Equally important, I wish you not only to focus on doing research, but also to try to organize various activities. Creativity, leadership and interpersonal relationships are indispensable for future careers. Thank FHS, and happy 6th anniversary of birthday!