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Assistant Professor Wakam CHANG of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), the University of Macau (UM) shared the comprehensive information and tips on further studies with Form3 to Form5 students of Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School.

At the beginning of the sharing, Prof. Chang introduced the relationship between cell motility and human diseases by showing colourful cell images. He encouraged students to have a curious mind to ponder on every seemingly simple thing in daily lives to explore the wonders. He also encouraged students to cultivate their interests for developing their own direction.

Prof. Chang also shared the updated faculty development, the curricula of the programmes, different joint programmes and exchange programmes offered by FHS. The students were so engaged in the talk, and they raised a lot of questions about future planning. In responding to the students’ questions, Prof. Chang emphasized that students need to find out their interests, turning interests into a future career will become a driving force of their professional paths. At the end of the talk, Prof. Chang warmly invited the students to visit and learn more about FHS for exploring new options for their future.

Prof. Chang introduces the structure of the cell

Prof. Chang interacts with the students