1. Major Scientific Issues

1.   How to find effective methods for cancer prevention, prediction, and early diagnosis?
2.   How the immune microenvironment affects the growth of cancer cells by regulating the tumor microenvironment?
3.   How to reverse cancer metastasis and recurrence and overcome its drug resistance?
4.   How to develop highly effective drugs and carry out personalized cancer treatment?

2. Major Cutting-edge Technology Platforms

The research teams of FSCPO has established seven large precision medicine platforms, and will use the these platforms to verify new mechanisms, new markers and new targets for multi-omics research, biomedical big data mining, molecular diagnostic technology development, and in-depth research study in the screening for early diagnosis, individualized medication and precision therapies. FSCPO further accelerates the realization of the accurate early tumor screening, diagnosis, medication as well as knowledge transformation and application.


1.   Cancer Bank and Blood Bank
2.   -OMICS Technology Platform
3.   Big Data Analysis Platform
4.   Drug Development Platform
5.   Drug Sensitivity Testing Platform
6.   Nanomaterials Platform
7.   Animal Model Platform