Application for Supplementary Examination

2022/2023 – 1st semester

Please be informed that application for supplementary examination should be submitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) General Office (E12-4045) within seven working days from the date on which the examination is held.  Students should complete the Application Form (FHS-FORM-006) and submit it to FHS General Office with supporting documents or written request with justification.

A fee will be charged for each supplementary examination taken. Details please refer to ‘Other Fees and Charges’ (LINK) at Registry’s website.  No action will be taken upon the payment is fully settled.

Supplementary examination will be held during 3 – 4 January 2023.  The date, time and venue of the supplementary examination will be confirmed by email notification upon approval of the application.

Ms. Chloe HO
Tel:(853)8822 9199