FHSSA recently held the 8th edition of “Health, I Care!” health knowledge quiz competition. The competition attracted nearly 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students from different faculties. The purpose of the competition is to enhance students’ awareness of health issues and deepen their understanding of the global health environment, drug and food safety, and common diseases and epidemics.

After a fiercely contested preliminary round consisting of 10 teams, 5 teams stood out and entered the finals. During the competition, each team demonstrated their professional qualities and excellent teamwork spirit. In the end, a team composed of students from the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) won the competition, and the undergraduate team and postgraduate team from FHS ranked second and third respectively. Tianzuo YUAN, a PhD student from FHS, remarked after the game, “This competition was a great learning opportunity. It not only consolidated our health knowledge, but also improved our adaptability under pressure. We will apply what we have learned to our daily lives, whilst also actively promoting a healthy lifestyle and share relevant knowledge with people around us.”

Kaiwen LUO, President of FHSSA, said, “As a part of FHS, it is our responsibility to disseminate scientific health knowledge. The successful holding of the health knowledge quiz competition not only helps to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, but also helps to enhance students’ awareness of being healthy. I hope there will be similar activities in the future to help more students realise the importance of living healthily and pick up good habits for healthy lifestyle.”

The health knowledge quiz competition “Health, I care!” aims to arouse the health awareness of UM students through a quiz competition and strengthen their understanding of disease prevention, drug use and healthy living habits. Guests attending the event included FHS Associate Dean (Research) Renhe XU, Associate Dean (Teaching) Hanming SHEN, Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) Xuanjun ZHANG, Associate Professor Hongjie ZHANG and Assistant Professor Qiang CHENG, who served as the awarding panel.

Participating teams compete for first prize

A team composed of students from FSS wins the competition

Group photo