In order to familiarize the new students on the university learning environment as quickly as possible, the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) held three sessions of online orientations to welcome more than 200 new undergraduate and postgraduate students admitted in the 2022/2023 academic year on 12 and 16 August respectively.

The orientations began with a welcome speech delivered by Prof. Chuxia DENG, Dean of FHS, who warmly received the freshmen to join the FHS family. He introduced the students with the development history, the new structure, scientific breakthroughs in related research areas of FHS and the Ministry of Education Frontiers Science Center for Precision Oncology. Prof. Deng encouraged the students to embrace new challenges, bring their full selves into the university life, unlock their potential and make the most opportunities they are given. Prof. Guokai CHEN, Associate Dean (Teaching) of FHS, and Prof. Yutao XIANG, Head of Department of Public Health and Medicinal Administration, introduced the FHS’ educational programmes and the latest arrangements to help the freshmen settle in and prepare well for their studies in FHS. They also encouraged the students to enjoy their studies and treasure every moment of their university days.

At the end of the orientation for the undergraduate students, Mr. Zihan WEI, President of FHS Students’ Association, introduced the structure and aims of the association, and the upcoming events to the students. Subsequent to the orientations, Heads and Associate Heads of Department of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Department of Public Health and Medicinal Administration held independent online sessions for UG students of the three academic programmes, providing the students with information and resources that will allow them to make pertinent academic plans.

FHS wishes all new students the very best for this new journey they have embarked on!

Prof. Deng introduced the FHS development history

Prof. Chen introduced the PhD programme

Prof. Xiang introduced the Master programme

President of FHS Students’ Association introduced the structure and aims of the association

Independent online sessions for UG students of the three academic programmes