In order to help new students acclimate to university life and provide adequate support throughout their undergraduate years, the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) newly launched the “Mentorship Scheme” which brings together the students and professors in the same chosen field. Through activities and gatherings, the professors can get along with the students like not only a mentor but also a friend, and the students build strong friendships and gain peer-to-peer support among themselves. Being a mentor, the professor can provide students with academic guidance, and most importantly steer their mentees with timely care and appropriate encouragement during their university life.

Recently, FHS has kicked off the “Mentorship Scheme”. Associate Dean (Teaching) Guokai CHEN and Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) Xuanjun ZHANG warmly welcomed the students in the first activity of the scheme, and introduced the scheme that helps students make the acquaintance of the professors and their fellows in their spare time, and ultimately develop in-depth relationships. The mentees and even the mentors benefit and grow from this programme by learning from different generations  and getting fresh perspectives on their own lives. Prof. Chen and Prof. Zhang hoped that the scheme blends the students with their mentors and their peers to create a supportive relationship, in which the students uphold each other, and the mentors navigate for the students, acting as both a guide and friend to their mentees.

Yuxing HOU and Zixing CHEN, from the Department of Biomedical Sciences, both agreed that the scheme allows them to have a better understanding of their curriculum. Upon the extensive sharing of the professors, they learned how to set their goals, equip themselves, budget their time to make the most of it. The mentors’ enlightenment reduced their anxiety about their future.

As online teaching was adopted at the beginning of the semester, Hong U FONG from the Department of Pharmaceutical Science found it difficult to have a good interaction with his classmates and professors. The first activity of the “Mentorship Scheme” enabled him to become acquainted with his classmates and the professors. He also appreciated for the sharing and encouragement of his mentor, which is an avail to him.

Mentorship has a profound impact on students as a good mentoring relationship can help students build their self-confidence and accomplish their goals with persistence and determination. The “Mentorship Scheme” of FHS enables mentees and mentors to gain a rewarding experience, in which the students grow by tapping into the knowledge and experience of the professors who illuminates the voyage of the students’ life.

Prof. Guokai CHEN introduced the aims of the scheme

Yuxing HOU

Zixing CHEN