The Blood Donation in UM Faculties campaign, jointly organised by the Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs (HSEO) of the University of Macau (UM) and the Macao Blood Transfusion Service of the Health Bureau of Macao, started at the university with its first session held at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS). The campaign attracted the participation of UM students, faculty, and staff members, as well as people from outside the university.

Hanming SHEN, Associate Dean of FHS, believes that donating blood is a selfless act of kindness, and he did not hesitate to sign up for blood donation when he saw the poster of the campaign. He said that it is more blessed to give than to receive and he hopes to help those in need, adding that donating blood not only saves lives, but also has an added effect of improving blood circulation.

Lorna CHAU, an administrative staff in FHS, has been a regular blood donor since she was young. Her parents have donated blood more than 60 times, and this is her 15th blood donation. She remembers following her parents to the blood transfusion centre when she was little. Her parents set a good example for her, enabling her to understand that donating blood can save lives. Therefore, she also wants to set an example for her children in hopes that this act of kindness will be handed down.

Xuanqi CUI, a fourth-year student in FHS, was both nervous and excited about her first blood donation. She said that she took action without hesitation when she learned that the blood donation campaign was held in her faculty. She hopes to contribute to society and, through her participation, encourage her classmates and friends to take part in this noble deed.

The Blood Donation in UM Faculties campaign will take place in other faculties at UM afterwards. UM has been organising blood donation campaigns in collaboration with the Macao Blood Transfusion Service of the Health Bureau of Macao for 20 years. The university encourages students, faculty, and staff members to actively take part in blood donation campaigns. In addition, UM has been awarded the first prize for the ‘Highest Number of Blood Donors in Higher Education Institutions’ multiple times.

UM students, faculty, and staff members actively take part in the blood donation campaign