A group of 37 Form 4 students from Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College visited the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of the University of Macau (UM) to learn about the research infrastructure, latest development, research accomplishments and academic programmes of FHS, basking in the charm of scientific research. They were warmly received by FHS Assistant Professor Wakam CHANG.

The students gained a preliminary understanding of FHS through watching the introductory video. Afterward, the students toured the Animal Research Core and the Proteomics, Metabolomics and Drug Development Core, during which the laboratory technicians of FHS expounded to the students on the facilities and services provided by these Cores. The students who are interested in animal research raised some questions, and the technician concluded that animal research has made a lot of contributions to scientific research and disease research that benefit human mankind.

After the lab tour, Prof. Chang oriented the students to the academic programmes, research achievements, joint programmes and exchange opportunities of FHS.

Chang introduces the research achievements of FHS

The students raise questions to the technician after the visit

The students are excited in visiting the Animal Research Core

The students learn about the facilities and services provided by the research cores

The group photo