After graduating from FHS, I have joined Prof. Wei LI’s lab in Baylor College of Medicine, which is one of the top laboratories of computational epigenomics worldwide.

FHS engages leading scholars from all corners of the world who instill students with global knowledge. Of all the people who had an impact on my education, my supervisor, Prof. Lijun DI was the greatest, who formerly worked at National Institutes of Health, USA and his laboratory is managed at an international standard. Prof. DI’s insight and enthusiasm has motivated and inspired me a lot. FHS equipped me well for joining the workforce with ample tools on my belt, such as good organization and communication skills, presentation of work in a clear and unique way and efficient time management. FHS provides a very good platform for researchers from different research teams to interact and share ideas with others regularly. I really appreciate every aspect of the studies at FHS, which I miss so much.

I will continue my studies in computational cancer epigenomics in the next few years based on the knowledge obtained in FHS. I will also participate in different projects under collaboration with other research teams. Besides, I will work very hard to pursue an academic career in the next few years. Meanwhile, I look forward to a better FHS. I am sure that FHS will continue nurturing more and more elite students in different fields. I wish FHS the best success in both education and research.