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The University of Macau (UM) held its open day event titled the “UM Open Day 2024: Connecting Macao and Hengqin” on January 14. The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) organised a series of interactive and fascinating online and offline activities that reflect the characteristics of the Faculty, including game booths related to Biomedical Sciences, Bioinformatics and Pharmaceutical Technology, DIY DNA pendants workshop, laboratory tours and admission talks, attracting around 1000 secondary school students and members of the public.

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang mimicked real scientific researchers conducting real research experiments during one of the booth games, and gained appreciation on how to use pipettes, beakers, electronic scales, etc. correctly. They both said that they experienced the fun of “hands-on experiments. “Under the guidance of the researchers, they both utilised research-grade microscopes to observe bacteria, worms, and cancer cells that are invisible to the naked eyes. Through the now clearly visible details and structures of the substances, they marvelled at the beauty and complexity of the “micro-world”.

The booth game titled “Decoding Gene, easy or fussy?” allows the public to understand how to use gene sequencing technique to identify patients with specific diseases, in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. Ms. Wan said, “The staff at the booth were very clear in their explanations. During the game, I understood that one’s genetic code is the key to many areas, whether you want to know the risks of disease and medication, and even to explore the origin of life.” She said that the game is not only interesting, but surprisingly educational and insipiring. Is revealing secret messages on a white piece of paper magic? Mr. Chan’s family of four used a transparent solution to write some messages on a white paper. After the solution dried, they sprayed iodine on the paper, and were surprised that the mysterious message came to life. He said with a smile: “I often see these situations in spy movies, now I can also make important information ‘invisible’ under the nose of everyone.”

Weng Yin LEUNG, who is currently studying in Form 5 of Chan Sui Kei Perpetual Help College, and his classmates attended the admission talk shared by FHS Assistant Professor Chon Lok LEI, to gain insight into the latest admission information. He stated that this Open Day gave him a more comprehensive understanding of UM, and during the admission talk, he gained a deeper understanding about the majors he was interested in and will help him immensely make the right choices for his future studies by selecting the right university and major.

Karry TSE, who is an undergraduate student studying in Guangzhou, and his family made this specific trip from Mainland China to the UM Macao campus to participate in this Open Day event. He joined the laboratory tour led by FHS Associate Professor Terence Chuen Wai POON. He was impressed by the cutting-edge facilities of the Faculty’s Animal Facility and Core Facilities. He expressed how rare it was to gain access to a laboratory of UM. Coupled with the professor’s expert explanation, he thought that it was an eye-opener for him and was a rewarding journey of knowledge.

During the DIY DNA pendant workshop, Wai Ian LEONG, a Form 6 student at Lou Hao High School, used a lysis buffer to rupture the phospholipid cell membrane and nuclear membrane, releasing DNA, and used protease to degrade the proteins surrounding the DNA, under the guidance of FHS Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) Xuanjun ZHANG. Once extracted, the DNA was placed in a pendant filled with alcohol. She said, “It’s really amazing. I never thought that DNA could form a visible solid mass. I am very grateful to the researchers of the Faculty and Prof. Zhang for their meticulous guidance, making me head over heels about research experiments.”

The public also captured their joyful moments in front of the instant photo booth, preserving the moment in the photos and retaining the eternity of the moment. The rich open day activities of FHS both in content and interactive fully demonstrated its characteristics. It was a wonderful opportunity that allowed high school students and the public to get a close peek of FHS and learn about its development, teaching, programme information, scientific research results and teaching facilities, whilst busking in the teaching atmosphere of FHS.

Highlight of FHS activities at UM Open Day 2024

The public try to operate an experimental tool

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang utilise advanced microscopes to observe bacteria

Mr. Chen’s family of 4 use a transparent solution to write some messages on the paper

Secondary school students and the public attend admission talk

Karry TSE and his family visit the Core Facilities

Wai Ian LEONG made her own DNA pendant

The public capture the moment in front of the instant photo booth