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The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) held a professional development seminar for bachelor students on 9 March,  aiming to provide an opportunity for them to refine their scholar development and career planning.

Prof. Xuanjun ZHANG, the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs), warmly received the students and encouraged them to spend time to explore their research interests through visiting different research labs or participating in Independent Research Programmes to gain research experience on top of their undergraduate studies.

Prof. Garry WONG introduced the skills for a postgraduate interview. Prof. Wong pointed out that it’s always advisable to swot up on the department and the programme for the interview. Interviewers will likely be impressed by the effort students have made to research. He also mentioned that being able to show enthusiasm for the subject is one of the keys to the success of an interview.

Prof. Henry KWOK and Prof. Guokia CHEN shared the admission criteria of the “3+2” Programme jointly launched by UM and the Queen’s University Belfast and “2+4” Programme jointly operated by UM and the Zhejiang University (ZJU) respectively.

They briefed the students about the admission requirements for each programme, including the academic qualification, English proficiency, research experience, etc.

Prof. Yutao XIANG and Prof. Terence POON expounded the details of two master programmes of FHS, the Master of Science in Global Public Health and the Master of Science in Data Science with Specialization in Precision Medicine, respectively. Prof. Xiang also mentioned that Gobal Public Health covers interdisciplinary areas that involve knowledge in epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, etc. Prof. Poon further introduced the key concept of precision medicine with the examples of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases.

The students were so engaged in the seminar, and they raised a lot of questions about the transition from undergraduate studies into graduate studies or the professional world. At the end of the seminar, Prof. Zhang encouraged the students to take the initiative to obtain detailed information about the postgraduate programmes, and evaluate their knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests to prepare for their future.

Students discussed with Professors