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The University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) organized two talks on biomedical sciences at Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College  on 23 June. The Dean of FHS, Prof. Chuxia Deng, and an Associate Professor of FHS, Prof. Terence Poon were the keynote speakers. The talks aimed to increase the students’ interest in biomedical sciences and understanding of how biomedical technology can help to prevent, treat, and cure diseases. Since March this year, FHS has conducted 15 talks at various secondary schools in Macao to promote biomedical sciences. The faculty plans to conduct seven more talks by the end of July.

 Prof. Deng
Prof. Chuxia Deng gives a talk on biomedical sciences at a local secondary school

Prof. Deng_2
A student replies to Prof. Deng’s question

Prof. Deng_3
Prof. Terence Poon gives a talk on biomedical sciences

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