Operation Manager: Dr. Li WANG

The Proteomics, Metabolomics & Drug Development Core provides scientific and technical supports in modern proteomics, metabolomics and drug development. It aims to decipher the contents and structures of proteins in different biological systems and diseases, expedite research on metabolic disorders and related diseases, and develop potential drug candidates suitable for clinical evaluation.

Missions :

  • Perform protein identification and post-translational modification analysis ;
  • Provide shotgun proteomics analysis and SWATH analysis;
  • Provide high throughput screening of protein interacting factors;
  • Provide protein purification;
  • Determine in vivo metabolic rate in freely moving organisms in real-time;
  • Provide measurement of energy utilization in living cells, including aerobic respiration, glycolysis, and mitochondrial function analysis, etc.;
  • Perform cellular metabolic parameters analysis and body composition analysis;
  • Provide synthetic chemistry support for drug development;
  • Provide support on undertaking drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies; and
  • Provide biophysical analysis of drug-target interaction.