I was the first batch of the FHS Ph.D students, and I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to join the FHS Ph.D. programme. It is great to see the continuous development of FHS from its establishment.

Joining FHS Ph.D. programme and being a member of Prof. Edwin CHEUNG’s research team is a completely coincidence. This finally created the opportunities for me to get an exciting job offer. Prof. CHEUNG supported me a lot and he encouraged me to choose my own topic that I was interested in and keen on, cancer related research, for my first project and even the second project. Therefore, I decided to stay in FHS after my Ph.D. graduation to complete my work on the third project with Prof. CHEUNG. I have achieved all I have expected in here. The knowledge and the technology of the breast cancer and prostate cancer research, as well as the technology on sequencing and ChIP-sequencing are very helpful for my coming postdoctoral position in the Vancouver Prostate Centre, which is a part of the University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital in Canada. I will continue my work in the same field, and apply a lot of skills that I have developed in FHS. I believe I would not get my next job without what I have done in FHS.

I would definitely and strongly recommend FHS to my friends as FHS is a really good place for a Ph.D. study. FHS is fully-equipped with high level facilities. Moreover, the professors in FHS are really helpful and very encouraging. They are all approachable for all other non-research-related things too. It is not easy to get all these in one place but FHS really does have them all in here. It is an amazing place to study. I also appreciate the bi-weekly Postdoc/Student Seminar in FHS. This is really helpful for the FHS researchers and students to know what others are working on. I would like to take this chance to encourage the FHS researchers and students that they should be very forthcoming in making more collaboration and do not limit themselves in their own lab.

The whole journey in Macao and in FHS was very interesting. I enjoy and miss the life here very much. I wish all the best to FHS!