I am currently a research assistant in the cardiology division of the Department of Medicine, University of Hong Kong (HKU). My current responsibilities include the engagement in research projects and help with the maintenance of the laboratory. I started my postgraduate study at HKU in September 2018, and I hope to work in the academic field in the future.
The courses in FHS have been helpful in terms of preparing me to conduct research. The knowledge and technology I picked up in FHS laid the foundation for my work and study at HKU. After the serval years of working in the research lab, I would like to encourage the younger students to equip with more hands-on experiences in the laboratory through participating in the real research projects on top of the lab courses. I heard that FHS now provides more and more opportunities such as summer programmes for the undergraduate students to work for different professors’ projects. This is a great chance to enhance the experiences in the practical laboratory operation. This is also very helpful in deciding the future research prospects for the further studies early on.
FHS is an excellent faculty. FHS cares about students, has recruited many top-notched professors, and is equipped with the most advanced facilities. I believe that FHS has very high potential for excelling in both education and research. I am confident that FHS is going to become even better. In addition, I believe students of FHS can gain a lot from their undergraduate studies. I hope they can utilize the abundant resources provided by FHS to learn as much as possible and to experience research, which always interest and fascinate me!