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UM held the online Open Day on 15 January. FHS organized two virtual interactive activities with unique features for the public.

Assistant Professor Wakam CHANG delivered an online science talk entitled “The Beauty of Cells”, in which he showcased the participants with amazing scientific innovations, thereby stimulating their enthusiasm in science. He pointed out that cell biology is a visually striking area of scientific research and also generates a vast number of beautiful images. Especially with the rapid development of the multi-colour imaging technologies, scientists can observe the stunning beauty of organelles with different microscopes. He also explained the role of the organelles and indicated the cells as the basic unit of the organism, and the study of the cell motility can help to explore the origin of disease in-depth in the future.

After the science talk, Associate Professor Terence Chuen Wai POON gave an admission talk, during which he shared the development of FHS, research achievements, the key research directions, the curricula of the programmes, graduate prospects, the different learning opportunities and the different joint programmes offered by FHS. The students were so engaged in the admission talk, and they raised a lot of questions about the programmes. In response to the students’ questions, Prof. Poon encouraged students to cultivate their interests for developing their own direction. He also encouraged the students to be open-minded and put no boundaries on themselves in making important firsts in science.

Prof. Chang conducted an online science talk

The beauty of cells

Prof. Poon introduced FHS

The learning opportunities offered by faculty