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The University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) recently organised the third installment of its science popularisation activity titled ‘The Pursuit of Research’. The activity attracted over 70 students and teachers from eight local secondary schools in Macao. During the activity, the students experienced research at UM by conducting hands-on experiments related to health sciences.

The eight secondary schools are as follows: Kao Yip Middle School, Choi Nong Chi Tai School, Hou Kong Middle School, Lou Hau High School, Yuet Wah College, Macau Baptist College, Sacred Heart Canossian College (Chinese Section), and Xin Hua School. Led by FHS Chair Professor Shen Hanming, Associate Professor Terence Chuen Wai POON, and other instructors from the faculty, the students individually conducted experiments related to biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and bioinformatics to learn about different scientific theories and obtain first-hand experience.

Ka Kuan CHOI, a student from Yuet Wah College, says that he has been curious about research at the university level and is happy to receive this opportunity to experience UM’s research facilities and infrastructure. According to him, he was most interested in the mock experiment of bioinformatics. In his experiment, he identified the pathogens of an illness through the comparison of genome sequencing. The experiments not only broadened his horizons but also enhanced his understanding of the importance of mining biological data to improve people’s health. He believes that early exposure to university research can be helpful in considering the direction of further studies.

Lok I WONG, a student from Sacred Heart Canossian College (Chinese Section), says that the activity was more interesting than she expected as it allowed her to carry out a number of experiments, which enriched not only her scientific knowledge and hands-on skills, but also her understanding of scientific research at UM. She adds that it was a very rewarding experience and expresses hope to be able to join experiments that are more advanced in the future.

In LEONG, a student from Choi Nong Chi Tai School, praises the activity for its content and the staff members for their clear instructions and attention to details, which helped to make the abstract theories easier to understand for the participating students. She expresses hope to have the chance to visit the core facilities of the FHS to learn more about its advanced equipment.

In addition to this activity, the FHS has also organised other science popularisation activities for students from secondary schools in Macao, including science talks, the Health Sciences Summer Camp, and a one-day camp for students in the Principals’ Recommended Admission Scheme. These activities are in line with the faculty’s philosophy of pursuing the sustainable development of scientific research, promoting the close integration of science popularisation and education, enhancing secondary school students’ interest in science, and guiding and nurturing their passion for science.

Lok I WONG (right)

FHS organises field trips for increasing secondary students’ interest in scientific research

Group photos of 2 sessions of the activity

In LEONG (right)

The students try their hand at several experiments

Ka Kuan CHOI