The local high school students ignited a passion for biomedical science by engaging in the research projects led by different research teams of the University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) under the “Summer Laboratory Work Experience Programme”. The students have not only experienced the joy of research but also enriched their summer vacations through the participation in the interesting hands-on experiments in different laboratories.

Under the supervision of Prof. Jun ZHENG, Joana Bulanova Bartilotti do Vale Roxo, a From 6 student of the International School of Macao, conducted a comparative study of the antimicrobial properties of the hand sanitizers, and attained the research capabilities of aseptic technique, bacterial culture test and data analysis. She came to know that the aims of experimental research is to test a hypothesis for rationally determining the underlying cause of an observed phenomenon in nature. She understood that good research follows a systematic approach to capture accurate data and the analysis is based on logical reasoning not personal perception.

Joana recognized the value of the programme in which she has obtained professional knowledge in a merry way. She was grateful to the earnest guidance of Prof. Zheng and his team members, who gave her autonomy in the research work but inspired and motivated her to work through all stages of work, particularly when she encountered difficulties. The programme helped her identify her passions in research work and determination in becoming a scientist to make great contributions to mankind.

Students under the “Summer Laboratory Work Experience Programme” can take part in the research work under the supervision of various research teams in wide research fields, such as big data science, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, etc. The flexible timetable allows the students to participate in different research projects to obtain first-hand experimental experience according to their own schedule, nourishing their summer break with the fun of research.

Joana Bulanova Bartilotti do Vale Roxo conducts aseptic manipulation

Jun ZHENG discusses the experimental results with Joana Bulanova Bartilotti do Vale Roxo